Interviews & Articles

Gregg has many things published regarding his photography and Wildland Firefighting. You can view some of the different articles below. A small handful have been removed as time went on but include The Weather Channel, NPR Radio, his local Newspapers. 

The Outbound - Tips For Cooking With Your Dutch Oven

The Outbound - Explorer Spotlight

Huckberry - What it Takes to Be a Hotshot

Visual Supply Co. - On the Fireline

LifeProof - International Firefighter's Day

NPRA Hotshot Bit By The Shutterbug

ABC News - An Inside View of the Wildfires of California Photos

Daily Mail - Hotshot Firefighter Show What It's Really Like Risking Everything To Battle Americas Deadly Wildfires 

Peta Pixel - Hotshot Firefighter Takes to Instagram to Document His Crew's Heroics

High Country News - A California Hotshot Photographs His Life Fighting Wildfires (Eyes on the fireline)

Huffington Post - 8 Camping Hacks to Keep You Warm at Night

Tentree - Are you an Environmentalist?