Who is he

Gregg Boydston was born and raised in Southern California. With the eagerness to be in the mountains, he made the move to the Eastern Sierra where he can step out of his home and explore the mountains, rivers, and deserts of California. When he is not fighting wildfires for the U.S. Forest Service, or traveling and camping with the best of them, he is out and about adventuring the Eastern Sierra with a camera, cooler, and positive attitude.

Gregg started his creative side of work with animation, drawing, and photography. While working for Apple Inc. for some years, he was able to exercise his creative side and knew it would always be a hobby. Though, now he is a Wildland Firefighter for the Forest Service, he still enjoys his time outside with a camera. On a wildfire or not. 

Gregg has taken his work very seriously and enjoys sharing what it is they do out there with everyone. Wether it be sharing photos for everyone to see from he fireline or helping non-profit organizations that support first responders spread their word. Helping others through his work has quickly become a major part of Greggs passion. His photography has really tied all that together.

Photography has now become a major part of Gregg's life and will always be a hobby and source of work outside of his crazy day job. 

If you are ever in the Eastern Sierras with some free time, reach out.

contact (at) greggoryboydston (dot) com